Programming music

I am awfully repetitive when it comes to my daily music for programming. Often, I just repeat my newest liked songs on Spotify over and over again. However, I also have a few albums and bands that I love to listen to in order to concentrate and get myself into “The Zone”. These are the favorites:


Camo & Krooked – Red Bull Symphonic

I am a huge fan of live albums, and this one is an exceptional mix of electronic and classical music. Great to get focused.

Hans Zimmer LIVE

Once again, a live album, and I have already attended the concert twice. It is also special to me because I have played some of the fantastic film music in orchestras.

Artists and Bands

Snarky Puppy

Amazing musicians. Nothing more to say.


By now, you might have heard that I am a big fan of music with great beats. MEUTE is one of them, and I love the concept that they try to play electronic-like music as a brass band.

Shake Stew

Austrian band with a unique sound, very groovy & jazzy, maybe even psychedelic? Anyway, saw them live once and they are great.

Jojo Mayer

Speaking of psychedelic, probably one of my favorite drummers of all time: Jojo Mayer. Phenomenal beats meet electronic music.